Hello, we’re Flydeo! A small company based in the Czech Republic which focuses on designing, developing and manufacturing high-quality UAVs for commercial use. Besides producing our own drones Flydeo is also designing, developing and producing different components such as brushless motors, advanced ESCs, lightweight propellers, or other carbon fibre parts for several companies in UAV industry.

At the beginning there was a passion and an idea – to produce the highest quality, long endurance, durable, safe but still affordable small UAV for commercial use. To be able to combine all of these characteristics and create one product it was clear that we couldn’t buy parts available on the market and just put them together. Carbon-fibre unibodies, propellers, motors, ESCs… are designed from scratch in our company and made in the Czech Republic. This gives us the complete control over quality of each component used in our UAVs to ensure the highest reliability.

If you have any questions or special requirements, please contact us!

Team Flydeo


+420 775 622 055