Flydeo Y6

Y6 is the name of the first drone we introduced to the market. With max. flight time over 70 minutes, water and dust resistant body, integrated rescue system, advanced technology of electronic speed controllers, optional flight controller (DJI A2/A3/A3 PRO, Pixhawk, Pixhawk2, MikroKopter and many more), foldable arms for easier transport, optional retractable landing gear, optional mounts for most of the gimbals on the market + other great features Flydeo Y6 quickly found its customers from different countries and industries. If you are looking for perfect drone for any type of aerial work – thermal inspections, film industry, intensive agriculture, surveillance, search and rescue operations, power plants inspections, package delivery experiments and many more – you’re at the right place!


We’ve listed several cameras and sensors so you could choose the perfect one for your application. However we understand that your requirements for payload may be different and we can help you even in this case. We offer custom payload integration so you could fly seamlessly with your desired camera or sensor.

Satisfied customers

Flydeo Y6 is available on the market for a while and we are happy that we could deliver it to clients like Police of the Czech Republic, SITMP Plzeň, CS Solutions Aero and more…


You can purchase Flydeo Y6 right now…